5 Small Ways to Build Confidence in Kids

18June 19

One of the greatest gifts a parent can give to their child is helping them build their self-confidence. A confident child can deal better with pressures, frustration, challenges, and emotions. Therefore, confidence is a vital factor in a child's future happiness, success, and health. Children have a fresh mind and are full of energy and interest in learning new skills and behaviors. Only praising your child may be more harmful than doing well. Hence, it becomes easy as a parent imbibing the confidence and self-esteem factor in your child.

Some tips to help you build confidence in your child are listed below.

Unconditional love

It is very important to give an unconditional and plentiful amount of love for your child. As a child, they need to have the feeling of being accepted and loved by their parents first and then proceeding onto family, friends, society and everywhere they engage themselves. You must put an effort to praise them and give positive feedback always. Being young, they value themselves and their achievements based on what you think of them. Make your praises are realistic and refrain from praising them for wrong deeds or failures. In case of failures, appreciate their efforts and tell them that they if they put on the efforts and surely will succeed.

Let them deal themselves

Every child has their own capabilities, so, let them figure out their problems themselves, and then try to solve them on their own. Help them but don't interfere with their acts. Also, let them act according to their age. Also, encourage their curiosity for everything and deal with them in patience.

Fulfillment of responding leads to a boost in your child's confidence. So, give responsibilities to them and let them successfully fulfill them. Help them whenever possible and give positive ideas. Appreciate once they are successful.

Practice positive self-talk and self-love

Positive self-talk is very important for all phases of life. Talking in affirmations helps, as they learn to take every situation in their life in a positive way. Also, loving oneself is very important and this helps them to respect themselves as well as others.

Teach discipline, acceptance, independence, manners

It is very important for your child to grow up as a disciplined human and also have proper manners. Imbibe a feeling of independence, so that they can take decisions on their own. Teach them to accept failures and setbacks, tell them that failures are the building blocks of success.

Role model

Give examples of incomparable deeds by great people and help them look up to such people in life. Also, try to be their model, so that they learn a lot from you and look up to you even. A strong child is a portray of their parents in majority of the cases.

Now that you have known about how confidence can build your child, help them with that. The increase in cases of suicide, depression, and frustration is a result of the losing confidence in humans, so be aware and promote your child into a better future.

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