Career Planning Checklist: High School

15Mar 19

After high school, one is left with thousands of confusion. At this stage, a student is surrounded by several options, peer pressure and own dreams. Thus, it becomes difficult for the child to choose the right path. At this time, proper guidance from a mentor is necessary to guide him to the correct path. It is a crucial stage of life as the path is chosen serves the future of the candidate. After finishing or just before finishing your high school, one must have these things in his checklist:

1. Time to work upon your set goals.

You must have a childhood dream or an idea regarding what you want to become in the future. This is the time when your first step towards your journey begins. This is the time to explore and understand the world. Several opportunities might come in the way. You must caution yourself and take the right path according to the need of your goals.

2. Attend career counseling programs

There are several organizations that organize several career counseling programs for the students to guide them in the right direction. You can take help of them. They can help you understand the various aspects of the path that you want to choose.

3. Priority to health

This is one thing that most of the students ignore. After your high schools are done, one gets ample time to practice a few exercises. This will help you in the long run. If the body is weak and the mind is ill, cannot function to the best of its possibility.

4. Start planning right from your high school days

It is important for you to start planning for your future right from your high school. This will save time and you will get ample of time to think about it. It is not a one-shot task. With cool brain and elder’s advice, one must think over what he /she wants to do in the near future.

5. Take advice from people who are employed or doing the job that you want to do

It is better to visit people who are employed or those who are already working in the companies that you want to work in. They will guide you more precisely. Since they have working experience, they can share the pros and cons of their jobs. This will surely help you to sort out your career plans.

6. Get an internship

It is always better to start early. You can take an internship and gain experience to get a taste of the job. This will surely help you to understand the job profile far more clearly. If you like the job profile, you can continue but if you don’t then go for other option.

After high school, a student is left with several options that confuse him/her. This article will help any child to plan out his career following these basic steps of career building. These are the factors that must be considered before choosing your career.

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