How to Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet?

25Feb 2023

How to Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet?

Many kids tend to be online & use mobile phones or other electrical gadgets often & it may also mislead. So here are a few tips on how to keep the kids safe on the internet.

1. Always have an open communication:

This is the most important factor to be implemented to the children. The interactions should be open communication and mean, if the contact is inappropriate should never be acceptable. If you experience any of this we should not encourage them & ask them to talk to any of the adults in your home. We should be alert & always be sensitive with online activities & talk about cyber bullying.

2. Set usage limit:

Children will not be aware of the usage on the internet. Online is always a fascinating world for them. We should give thHow to Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet? (SVS)em a certain period for them to understand the addiction staying awake whole night on the internet. Clearly explain to them about the time they can spend on the laptop or mobile.

3. Use parental control tools:

There are many tools in the mobile & laptop to lock the unwanted settings. It is difficult to control all the devices which our children use. So you need control apps which can help. You can also keep on track of the online behaviour.

Software tools will be the online guardian to monitor kids. Keep them on track.

4. Encourage only healthy online activities:

Promote them healthy behaviour online class, there are also many spams online to make us feel bad. Encourage your children to be kind and respectful to classmates, to be mindful of what clothes they wear and to avoid joining video calls from a bedroom.

As children spend more time online, they can be exposed to more advertising that may promote unhealthy foods, gender stereotypes or age-inappropriate material. Help them recognize online ads and use the opportunity to explore together what is wrong with some of the negative messaging you see.

5. Do not ask them to connect Unsecured WiFi:

We often go to public places, without even thinking about the online dangers or hackers that could wait for our connection to start. So tell them not to connect to unknown WiFi.

These are very few tips to teach them and be aware of the online world.

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