Top 10 Tips To Crack IIT JEE Mains And Advance

19Aug 19

If you are wondering for the tips to crack IIT JEE main and advance then you are at the right place. Read this article to know the important tips that will play well for your purpose.

Cracking IIT jee has never been a cakewalk. One of the toughest entrance exams that every engineering aspirant want to crack. However, if you are on the right track and know the ways to prepare yourself for this exam then you can surely crack it.

So, here are a few tips that could help you to achieve your dreams successfully.

Make a plan and adhere to it

One of the most important steps to be successful at your work is to focus on it. So set your plan and stick to your routine which will help you to balance between your strength and weakness.

Don't waste time

You know that you will be giving one of the toughest entrance exams where thousands of students will fight for limited seats. Wasting your time here can be the biggest mistake. Do not waste your time on WhatsApp, Social Media which can have a very bad impact on your preparation.

Study yourself

What is most important while preparing for IIT JEE is to give time to yourself. You have to sit for 6 to 7 hours apart from your tuitions and schools regularly. This will help you in learning all by yourself.

Practice a lot

Once you are done with the concept you have to practice a lot of test series and question banks this will definitely increase your speed and approach towards the examination.

Do not skip important topics

The whole syllabus is important for your exam. Even most of the students skip a bit that they think that is not important in the syllabus but it matters a lot in these types of exams. Do not skip any portion on your own.

Clear your concept

You must ensure that the basic concepts are cleared to you. Preparing for IIT exam you need to have a strong base and make sure you nurture your concept harder than anyone else.

Make calculations faster

Preparing the whole syllabus doesn't help you. As it is a competitive exam, you have to focus on problem-solving speed as well to complete the paper faster. Try to make an innovative approach so that you can solve the problem quickly and accurately.

Focus on mock papers

A lot of mock papers are there on the internet which you can download and practice. Solving some of those will help you to understand the pattern of IIT and will help you to judge your preparation.

Ask for expert guidance

Do not neglect to find a mentor. If you think that you are getting enough resources on the internet and you study materials are enough to crack this exam then you are wrong. Seek expert guidance who can help you with sums, doubts, etc.

Be active

Being lazy all the time is not a good option before the exam. You must be physically active so that you can be at the best of intelligence during the exam. Ensure engaging in some physical activities to keep yourself fresh and active before the exam.

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