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Top 10 tips to study online in Home...

20Sep 2020

With a global pandemic ravaging the world, the best possible way to counter it is to stay at home.

Importance of making your kids self-dependent...

16Mar 2020

It is the dream of every parent to see their child become self-dependent and have his grounds. This practice must be done

Does Your Child Really Need A Mobile Phone?

02Mar 2020

There is no denying to the fact that mobile phones have made lives easier for everyone. Though it has become incredibly 'smart' these days,

Most Effective Revision Techniques for JEE 2020

18Jan 2020

Before beginning with the topic, the students should understand the meaning and demand of JEE and its important dates, when to apply for it and when exams are

How to Overcome Lack of Concentration...

03Jan 2020

Lacking concentration while studying is the problem faced by many students. This can be because of the distraction of thoughts or things, health problems,

How to Encourage Creativity, Skills, and Confidence

05Dec 19

Drawing is considered as the best way to express oneself, which also helps in generating as well as upgrading the imagination of kids. Kids love playing

5 Ways to Build Math into Your Child's Day

04Dec 19

If you look around the things minutely you will find math everywhere. Whether it is counting, sorting or dealing with time in our day to day life,

Benefits of Learning outside the Classroom

04Oct 19

Education does not always mean studying in school, college giving exams and passing that. There is a big world outside the classroom to learn and practice things, improve skills.

Top 10 Tips To Crack IIT JEE Mains And Advance

19Aug 19

If you are wondering for the tips to crack IIT JEE main and advance then you are at the right place. Read this article to know the important tips that will play well for your purpose.

How to prepare for entrance exams in short duration

 4Aug 19

Entrance exams are the exams held by certain organizations or institutions to select particular students for a specific field of study.

How to Correct Bad Habits in Your Child?

20July 19

Children are the most innocent and immature beings that lack the sense of wisdom or judgment and are generally not aware of what they do.

5 Small Ways to Build Confidence in Kids

18June 19

One of the greatest gifts a parent can give to their child is helping them build their self-confidence.

How to Improve Attention Spans?

28May 19

There are many people who lack the power of concentration. They cannot hold their attention to a particular situation for a longer period of time.

Why Choose Sri Viswasanthi Educational Institutions?

15May 19

Sri Viswasanthi Educational Institution is one of the biggest institutions located near Vijayawada, Vuyyuru. The institution is affiliated to CBSE Board,

Simple lantern making ideas for kids

30Mar 19

Lamp making is a fun activity to get your children's imaginative energies pumping. Here is an article providing ideas on simple lamp makings.

Career Planning Checklist: High School

15Mar 19

After high school, one is left with thousands of confusion. At this stage, a student is surrounded with several options, peer pressure and own dreams. Thus, it becomes difficult for the child to choose the right path

How to Make Your Kids Smarter

14Mar 19

Parents are nowadays in a race to make their kids smarter. Children learn a lot of new things everyday as they have too much to learn and do.

10 Reasons Why Children Misbehave with Solutions

15Mar 19

Parents often struggle to understand why their teens do not listen to them and misbehave. Kids use their behaviour as a medium to communicate what they are thinking and how they are feeling.



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