5 Ways to Build Math into Your Child's Day

04Dec 19

If you look around the things minutely you will find math everywhere. Whether it is counting, sorting or dealing with time in our day to day life, we are surrounded by various types of math now and then. Being a parent, it will be a good idea to incorporate math into your child's life to make your kid comfortable with the subject at an early age. Without going into further discussion, here in this article, you will be discussed 5 ways to add math into your kids’ day to day life.

Bring your child to the kitchen

If you bake something together then it can help you to use math while doing so. Baking together means doubling recipes which require addition, subtraction, division as well as multiplication and will educate your child about the math tricks in the best possible way. As we all know that children are fascinated with chocolate chips and it is the main ingredient in baking recipes, so you can ask your child about how many choco chips are required to fill the cup. Enjoy counting together and see how your child enjoys counting the math and speak the right answer quickly.

Start measuring distance and height with your child

This is one of the best ways to include math in your child's day to day life which is by measuring height and distances. You can let your child find out how tall you are than your kid. Your child will find interesting in measuring the difference in height between you and your kid.

For measuring distance and height there are a lot of tricks that you can apply like throwing the ball, jumping the ropes, bouncing the ball that will drive your kid to go crazy. They will count and enjoy the game with you surely.

Build something together

If you have hunt down the internet you will come across different kinds of projects for kids that involve math. Whether it is small or big or any project that involves counting of adding or multiplying you can play it with your kids. Games like clubhouse from the shoeboxes or making a treehouse help make your child aware of the math skills.

All the above games involve different kinds of shapes that you can consider to play with your kid and you will have a good time for you and your child to discuss the shapes there.

Include math during bedtime

Including math during bedtime is also a good idea to help your child in improving math tricks. It is all up to you about which one you are going to choose and read out to your child, but make sure the book has some math concept in it.

Using math during snacks

Isn't it a good idea to use maths during snacks? whether you have grapes or bananas on your table, you can ask your child to make patterns using it. Wondering how it can enhance the counting skill of your child? You can ask your child to place three apple slices in a stack and 5 Bananas on another and this is how to incorporate maths during snacks.

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