How to Correct Bad Habits in Your Child?

20July 19

Children are the most innocent and immature beings that lack the sense of wisdom or judgment and are generally not aware of what they do. Therefore, they are very prone to developing a habit which is not good and unhealthy for them. The habits or the practices need to check at the early stages to avoid them from becoming rigid to overcome. Growing up with such habit being unchecked, the child is sure to carry them on, creating a bigger concern disturbing their mental and physical health. Parents should notice all these habits at the earliest and be concerned and govern them to change.

Let us know about some bad habits first.

  • 1. Nail biting or chewing.
  • 2. Licking or chewing lips.
  • 3. Picking the nose.
  • 4. Thumb sucking.
  • 5. Touching or exploring private parts.

How to deal with them?

The key to solving this issue is patience and then the rest follows as stated below.

Do not ignore but Ignore

As a parent, you should not ignore the bad habits of your child and try to correct them. But you should remember not to show too much attention to such habits of your child. This might encourage your child to do it more getting your attention. Let their own consciousness outgrow their bad habit, till then don't intervene.

Understand the behavior and the cause

Primarily, what you need to do is understand the pattern that is, identifying the habit, understanding the type, getting deep into it and finding the reason. Bad habits may be self-soothing which may give your child a feeling of pleasure or may be a response to discomfort. Thus, it is rather the underlying cause sometimes that indulges your child into bad habits. It is very important to reach and attend those root causes.

Educate them of the consequences

The easiest way is when your child accepts the wrong and tries and changes himself being conscious. Make them understand why the habit is unhealthy and unhygienic for them and what can happen if they continue. They will understand if you make a good effort. Remember not to nag with the issue as that will affect in a reverse way.

Provide alternatives

Sometimes it becomes hard for your child to give up their bad habit as they are already addicted. You should try to give them something to do instead of the occasion when they come up with that behavior. For instance, for making their hands busy will help you may provide them with a softball to squeeze instead of practicing the bad habit.

Praise and Reward

If your child is progressing towards giving up a bad habit that you have noticed and asked to give up, praise them. If possible get some rewards for them, which may be small or big, maybe a bar of chocolate even. This will boost their interest in giving up the habit on their own.

Follow the tips provided, and you can easily remove the bad habits and promote your child into good habits making them mentally and physically a strong human being with proper health and hygiene.

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