How to Make Your Kids Smarter

14Mar 19

Parents are nowadays in a race to make their kids smarter. Children learn a lot of new things every day as they have too much to learn and do. Parents need to understand that they need not do something extra or special to have smart kids. They can make their kids smarter by following these simple things.

1. Sleep

Proper sleep helps in effective brain development in children. Hence, it is important that children get the proper amount of rest. Studies have shown that there has been an active relation between the average amount of sleep and grades. Proper sleep will not only make them more active and alert but will also make them stay happy.

2. Brain Exercises

A child’s brain is like a sponge that absorbs everything. Suitable brain games according to their age will stimulate his mind and help to develop skills and make him smarter. Encourage your child’s curiosity by involving him in games like puzzles, board games, chess, etc.

3. Physical Activity

Along with mental exercise, physical activity is also required to make a child smart. Physical activities help in stimulating their senses. It has been proved that fit children tend to have better academic performance. They also have a higher level of confidence and self-esteem. Sri Viswasanthi School understands the importance of this aspect and keeps its students engaged in sports and other activities.

4. Music

Music not only makes a mind refresh but also contributes to making children smarter. Students who study music are found to be a good performer in academics and have higher IQ levels. The overall show higher grade of results.

5. Video Games

The market has been flooded with games that boost a child’s learning skills. Such games promote teamwork, strategic thinking, and creativity among children. Some video games are quite helpful in developing memory and motor skills among children.

6. Reading

The best way to make a child smarter is to encourage reading. Early reading promotes early literacy among children. Reading can help to open their minds, so keep plenty of books at home. Studies show that reading to a child at an early stage help to make them more active and smart.

7. Nutrition

In order to make a child smart, it is essential that he gets regular and nutritious meals. Children who eat more junk food are more prone to getting ill. They also lack essential nutrients that are required for the growth of healthy brain tissues.

8. Real life experience

A child tends to get smarter by his learning experience. So, make sure that your child goes out and interact with the world around him. Make him visit the zoo, mountains, park or beach.

9. Stable environment

Children need to feel secure if you want to extract the best out of them. This can be achieved by providing them a safe and stable home environment. Children are delicate, so think before you act or interact with them.

10. Self-Discipline

Children with the trait of self-discipline are more likely to get higher grades in their academics. They are likely to spend less time watching TV and more on studying. Self-discipline students are found to be smarter and are quicker in grasping things around them.

All these things are important to make a child smarter in life. Sri Viswasanthi School in Vijayawada is an ideal educational institution that focuses on providing excellent education and healthy atmosphere to its students along with regular sports and co-curricular activities to promote all-round development of the children on the basis of the above mentioned aspects. It is one of the best high schools of India with excellent infrastructure that aims at deriving the best out of every child and making him prepared to face the future challenges confidently.

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