Simple lantern making ideas for kids

30Mar 19

Lamp making is a fun activity to get your children's imaginative energies pumping. Here is an article providing ideas on simple lamp makings. Using these ideas and techniques, one can easily learn to make the Hand-Made Lantern. In this article, there will be two ways discussed, which would lead to the making of two popular and beautiful lantern styles. The following ways of making a lantern are simple, which each kid can make.

Lantern made with foam- Making Chinese lamps is amazingly simple

Things required for making

  • 1. Foam sheets of different colours
  • 2. A pair of scissors
  • 3. Pencil
  • 4. Ruler
  • 5. Clothespin
  • 6. Stapler

Instructions to Do

  • 1. Cut a rectangular bit of one sheet.
  • 2. At that point move it in a round and hollow shape verifying the edges with two clothespins.
  • 3. Cut another rectangular bit of the other colored sheet, 2 inches all the more vertically.
  • 4. At that point overlay it in the center diagonally, make cuts along the side which is folded.
  • 5. Now stop somewhere around 1 centimeter far from the edge.
  • 6. Draw a line utilizing a ruler and a pencil where the cut needs to stop.
  • 7. Presently place the external and sheets of foam together.
  • 8. To start with, join one side of the sheet by stapling them out, then you will see that the external sheet piece is longer than the internal sheet piece.
  • 9. At that point connect the opposite side of the other sheets also, by stapling them out and you would see that the external piece stands out a bit at the middle where the cuts have been made.
  • 10. Finally, cut out a slight, long strip to make the handle of the light and staple it to the lamp.

Lanterns made from paper

To make this, one can experiment with the essential DIY paper lights, for children to light up the festive nights. These kinds of lanterns can be made in many shapes, sizes and designs.

  • 1. Things required for making
  • 2. dark shading card papers
  • 3. Tissue paper of 2-4 distinct colours
  • 4. Pencil
  • 5. pen
  • 6. blade/knife
  • 7. Paste or gum
  • 8. Candles operated by battery
  • 9. Scissors

Instructions to do

  • 1. Make sure of the size of the lantern and accordingly cut a square shape from the paper sheet.
  • 2. Presently take the cut out and crease it similarly in three folds with the goal that when we overlay it, it gets a triangle shape.
  • 3. Make sure to keep an additional piece of the cardstock to stick it with the other piece of the card stock.
  • 4. Presently take the center bit of the paper and draw any design to structure.
  • 5. Utilizing a stationary blade, cut the design drawn.
  • 6. At that point utilizing the gum, stick the distinctive shaded tissue papers on the inward side of the lantern.
  • 7. Put the gum along with the additional piece of the card stock and glue the opposite side of the card stock to it.

There are many different kinds of lanterns which can be made by different ways by the kids. While performing the task of making such lanterns, special guides or parents must be present with the children. This is because to prevent any injury to the child.

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