How to Overcome Lack of Concentration While Studying?

03Jan 20

Lacking concentration while studying is the problem faced by many students. This can be because of the distraction of thoughts or things, health problems, stress, hunger, bad mood or any other reason. As we all know that study is important in everyone's life and it is more beneficial when a person studies with a calm mind and a healthy body which helps in understanding concepts and remembering things.

If the person is reading pages or lines again and again to understand the topic or to extract information, it means there is a lack of concentration. A person should be able to recognize the flaws in studying patterns and keep changing it according to the circumstances and need.

There are many ways to overcome the lack of concentration while studying:

  • 1. Keep away your phone which keeps beeping or popping notifications. Keep all the electronic gadgets aways from you which wastes time and source of distraction. Social media is a big distraction while studying. Keep the phone on silent and keep it away from where you are studying.
  • 2. Choose a calm corner of the house to study or some calm place where you find it easy to study and focus easily on words and lines. Study in the library, garden or any place where it is comfortable and there is no one to distract you.
  • 3. Always make a time table to cover the topics in time before the exams and also keep some days free to revise the material. It helps in task management and reduces stress during tests or exams as the syllabus is covered on time with revision.
  • 4. While studying, posture should be right otherwise, it gives pain in the body and leads to various problems which will also make the situation difficult and there will be a lack of concentration.
  • 5. If reading material is boring then it should be read and learned in an interesting way which will keep it is easy to understand and remember the information. If still, it is difficult to understand then change the source of information, as there are many videos available on youtube of required topics, find some another book to read that topic from, take help of Google, there are many sources available in the world.
  • 6. To keep your stress level down and understand the pattern of the exam, check and revise previous year exam question papers. Check out the syllabus properly and after understanding the demanding pattern of exam, make your own pattern of covering topics and how to study, what to study.
  • 7. Make your own notes because it helps in remembering things and while revision self-made notes are beneficial. Study material should be reliable as some information providers sometimes provide fake information to gab the attention of readers.

A healthy mind and body keep it easier to stay focused on goals and important things. If something is not of anyone's interest but needed in life, it should be made interesting in different ways. Studying in a useful correct pattern is more beneficial than just reading everything and not knowing the demand for the exam.

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